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At Quality Roofing we are more than just roofers, we are craftsmen. We always carefully inspect our work. Learn about Quality Roofing owner, LeRoy Ortiz, and his work ethic, "Only Accept Quality," here.

We understand Albuquerque roofs. Is your roof leaking or showing signs of age and wind damage? Has your home been hit by a hailstorm? Whatever the challenge, we have a range of beautiful and high quality materials to fit your budget, architecture, and design aesthetic. From flat roof to pitched, tile and metal to shingles, our expertise is what makes us so trusted!

Half of our job is educating our clients on all the options available today. That's why we've put together some basic roofing 101 info right here on our website. Read, learn, and give us a call. Your quality roof awaits!

Flat Roofs

Is your home or office a classic adobe with a flat roof? If so, you have definitely got unique roofing needs. Keeping leaks at bay and preventing standing water are at the top of your list.
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Pitched Roofs

Is your home or office a ranch style construction with a graceful pitched roof? Ensuring your roof endures Albuquerque's high wind speeds, intense temperature swings, and looks great in the long run is a high priority for you. Discover beautiful, durable, and affordable materials that fit your pitched roof's needs.
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Tile, Metal, or Shingle?

Tile is durable and beautiful. Metal is a classic New Mexican roof treatment. Shingles are attractive and affordable. Each option has its own pros and cons. Discover what makes the most sense for your home or office.
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